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Sales Coordinator, International Distribution


Job Description

Job Title:     Sales Coordinator, International Distribution
Reports to: 
VP Sales - Germany & Deal Management Director
Munich, Germany

Description of role: This integral role will be responsible for providing sales support to assigned territories and VP of Sales within the International TV Sales team with a dotted reporting line to the Deal Management Director.

This position is based in Munich, Germany, and fluency in English and German is a requirement.

Main Responsibilities:

Pre-Sales Support

  • Continuous client liaison to manage the business relationship through regular emails and calls
  • Support requests for contract/programme information, as well as complex avails reports for assigned territories, languages and rights
  • Create bespoke sales presentation for clients
  • Track windowing for all TV products to ensure the senior Sales team exploit every possible window
  • Support the Marketing Department by providing client information for screeners when requested
  • Manage the client screening process by providing digital links
  • Remain fully informed and regularly track client screening analytics
  • Provide support on ad-hoc projects as required by the Deal Management Director and President, International Distribution

Post-Sales Support

  • Liaise with the Technical Department on behalf of the VP Sales as required for broadcast and marketing assets
  • Assisting accounts receivable with payment queries

Deal Management

  • Coordinate the contracting process, including drafting internal paperwork for deal processing as required
  • Monitor Life of series and options to renew in existing contracts
  • Update client meetings notes and overall client information and strategy within the in-house database on a continuous timely basis
  • Manage and update sales pipeline including opportunities, sales status (update JAG numbers, changes and status). Driving insight and performance to Budget


  • Liaise with Team Assistant for all sales market and client support including meeting schedules and diary management. Responsibility for ensuring that the correct client meetings in markets and sales trip are correctly set-up

Skills & Experience:

  • Previous experience in an International TV and Film Sales environment
  • Strong IT skills especially MS Office (Specifically Outlook, PowerPoint & Excel) and bespoke in-house systems
  • Enthusiasm and capacity to focus on administrative tasks and excellent attention to detail.
  • Good research and analytical skills with ability to present information in a clear and concise manner
  • Fluency in English and German
  • Additional European language will be an advantage but is not a requirement
  • Knowledge of the media landscape in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Key Competencies:

  • Excellent Organisational Skills
  • Strong administration skills
  • Ability to multitask
  • Professional, calm and positive manner
  • Proactive and flexible approach to work
  • Ability to work under pressure

Please send CVs to hrees@entonegroup.com

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Productions SPORT1 (m/w) in Ismaning bei München Senior Projektmanager Marketing / PR (m/w) in Berlin Produktionsleitung (m/w) für "Adam sucht Eva" in Köln Senior Manager Digital Communications On Site (m/w) in Unterföhring bei München Head of Entertainment Products (Sky Entertainment Paket/Ticket) (m/w) in Unterföhring bei München Senior Manager SoMe (m/w) in Unterföhring bei München Head of digital customer experience (m/w) in Unterföhring bei München Senior Manager Account Generation (m/w) in Unterföhring bei München Senior Conversion Manager (m/w) - Schwerpunkt Webanalyse in Unterföhring bei München Manager Service Communication (m/w) in Unterföhring bei München Praktikanten/-innen für den Bereich Redaktion in Köln In-Life Product Manager TV Products (m/w) in Unterföhring bei München Senior Manager Content Proposition Communication (m/w) in Unterföhring bei München Volljuristen (m/w) in Ismaning bei München SNG Operator und/oder Ü-Wagenleiter (w/m) in Berlin Praktikum Marketing NITRO in Köln Trainee Marketing (m/w) in München Praktikum Product Management (IP Deutschland) in Köln Art Director (m/w) in Ismaning bei München Motion Designer 2D/3D (m/w) mit Erfahrung in Motiongraphics für Kampagnen im Bereich Sport in Ismaning bei München Praktikum (m/w) Customer Solutions (IP Deutschland) in Köln (Junior) Datenbanktechnologe/Data Engineer (m/w) (CBC) in Köln Praktikant der Redaktion (m/w) für 'Let's Dance' in Köln Redaktionsleiter (w/m) für unsere Comedy-Abteilung in Köln Rechercheredakteurin/ Rechercheredakteur in Leipzig Mediengestalter Bild / Ton (m/w) in Berlin und Brandenburg Produktions-Assistent/in in Köln Studentische Aushilfen (m/w) Postproduktion (CBC) in Köln Technischer Administrator für Video Postproduktion / Post Production Operator in Leipzig Praktikum Business Development WATCHBOX (RTL interactive) in Köln Junior Online Video Producer/in in Köln Mitarbeiter/in Buchhaltung in Leipzig Halbjahrespraktikantin/ -praktikanten in Köln Redakteur(in) für den Bereich Programm in München Media Optimization Manager (m/w) in Unterföhring bei München Netwerkadministrator (m/w) in Unterföhring bei München Jungredakteur (m/w) in Berlin Aufnahmeleiter/in in Berlin Production & Development Manager (f/m) in Berlin Assistenz der Redaktionsleitung (m/w) in Köln Teamassistent/in Technology in Potsdam Chef vom Dienst (m/w) Crossmedia & Digtial Strategy in München Bild- / Toningenieur / Uplinker (m/w) bzw. 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