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Press and PR support (Werksstudent)


Press and PR support (Werksstudent)
Fixed term
Part Time

A+E Networks Germany for the Pay.TV Channels HISTORY and CRIME + INVESTIGATION.

Do you have excellent administration, time management and organizational skills?
Are you curious about creating accurate press texts for print an online, clipping reports, evaluating media values and updating contact databases?
Do you have an interest in supporting PR and marketing departments in several projects and workflows such as EPG processes, PR campaigns and events?
If the answer to the above is a resounding “yes”, then read on…
We here at A+E Networks is looking for an enthusiastic, highly organized team player to join our Marketing Team in our Munich office. Your duties will include: create texts, such as press releases, online and social media articles supporting the PR and marketing department in several projects and workflows and prioritizing work demands and projects.
So, if you’re a Highly organized, strong team player with the ability to build excellent working relationships with others, we’d love to hear from you!


About Us

A+E NETWORKS run a family of global TV brands across EMEA, we reach 160million+ subscribers across more than 100 countries. Our head office is in the UK and we have offices in Poland and South Africa. We are an ambitious and creative team who strive to build strong brands for our territories.
Our work environment appeals to self-motivated and flexible thinkers who are great collaborators and always strive to discover what is next creatively. We are customer focused and sustain and build a diverse range of programme brands including Vikings, MurdertownRiver Hunters, Damian Lewis: Spy Wars and Why Does Everyone Hate the English?  A+E Networks UK foster an open and creative approach which is helping us to deliver ground-breaking and award–winning work.
A+E Networks is a progressive, friendly and collaborative place to work. We’re looking for professionals who are motivated and excited by challenges and driven to deliver results. We employ energetic, inspiring individuals who love to innovate and are passionate about the industry.

Key Responsibilities

 You will have:

  • The ability to use your native German language to create texts, such as press releases, with a clear message to our readers – with an ability to quickly review, shorten or correct all types of text
  • Excellent administration, time management and organizational skills – with the ability to multi-task and prioritize.
  • Experience of creating accurate press clipping reports and evaluating media values, updating contact databases and press lounges.
  • A genuine interest in supporting the PR department in several projects and workflows, such as: EPG processes, PR campaigns, events.
  • Proficient in the use of MS Office and other software packages.

Person Specification

As a person you will be:

  • Highly organized and able to prioritize work effectively.
  • A strong team player able to build excellent working relationships with others.
  • Proactive and able to relate to others in a confident and calm manner.
  • Able to rise to challenge and own problems through to conclusion.
  • Accurate and respond positively to tasks.
  • Enthusiastic, motivated and conscientious.

Company Values


  • Embrace and anticipate change
  • Invent for tomorrow
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Identify future trends and seize opportunities
  • Be ambitious, don’t be afraid to aim for bigger and better


  • Commit to your idea and run with it
  • Embrace responsibility
  • Everyone has a voice at all levels in the organisation
  • Be brave, be daring - overcome obstacles
  • Acknowledge mistakes and learn from them


  • Be passionate about your ideas
  • Challenge, collaborate and unite
  • Celebrate everyone’s success
  • Build friendships – we work at our best when we’re in it together


  • When you love what you do, your enthusiasm is infectious
  • Be proud of our brand and bring it to life
  • Channel your heart and passion into everything you do


  • Let your personality shine
  • Be honest with yourself and with others
  • Champion differences in people
  • Keep developing your potential

Territory: Germany

Department: Communications

Job Expires: 05/06/2020

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