Erklärung von Jonathan Newhouse, Chairman of Condé Nast International
Vanity Fair Germany
It is my sad duty to announce that Vanity Fair Germany will close after the current issue.
It is a shock when an excellent magazine is closed and particularly so in the case of Vanity Fair Germany. Only eleven weeks ago I publicly vowed that Condé Nast would continue to publish Vanity Fair in spite of difficulties. But the world is changing rapidly and in ways for which no one can be truly prepared. The global economy has been plunged into a crisis of historic proportions. Media owners, such as the US based parent organisation of Condé Nast Germany, today face very serious business challenges – difficulties which could not have been foreseen even a short time ago. In a normal economic climate, we would have bravely carried on publishing Vanity Fair. In today’s bleak economic climate, it is impossible.
Vanity Fair Germany was an outstanding publication which made an important journalistic contribution, and the journalists and professionals who produced it can take pride in what they created. In business, as in life, there are victories and there are defeats. We did our best.
Jonathan Newhouse
18th February 2009